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"Think of it as a '6O Minutes' interview for home use"

---Ocean House Collection, October 2020

This is an 11-minute capsule version of a four-part, two-hour-plus biographical conversation I did for former Stouffer and Nestle USA CEO Alan MacDonald.


You've built a legacy. You've lived and led with intelligence and character. Now share your story.


Celebrate your achievements and inspire others to learn from your experience. But the story needs to be told carefully and properly, in an interesting, active way that will draw in the people you want to be drawn in...and encourage repeated viewings over the years.

That means telling your story in a well-researched conversation, with a pro --an award-winning business news journalist-- who will engage you in ways that inspire people to want to learn from your experience -- and your legacy.

I'm Ray Hoffman. I tell the stories of Entrepreneurism and Corporate America.  I'll help you tell yours.  Click on the video above (or some of the longer ones below), and you'll see some of what I can do for you.

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Watch my video samples, listen to the podcasts. I'd love to tell your story to the people whose lives will be enriched --and for many years to come-- from your life experience. If you'd like to work with me, click here and let's get in touch.


Here's a sample of my wide-ranging video conversations:


September 15, 2020 -- Ray Hoffman talks with Home Depot co-founder, Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank:

2/2019, former Cardinal Health CEO George Barrett:

9/2018, Conference Board CEO Steve Odland:

2/2019, Arkansas business legend Charles Morgan:

Here's a favorite This Is Capitalism podcast conversation from 2017 with former Alltel CEO Scott Ford, founder of the Rwanda Trading Company:

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