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You've built a legacy. You've led with intelligence and character. Now share your story. Celebrate your achievements and inspire others to learn from your experience. But your story needs to be told carefully and properly, and in an interesting, active way that will draw in the people you want to be drawn in.

That means telling your story as a conversation, with a pro who will engage you in ways that inspire people to want to learn from your experience -- and your legacy.

I'm Ray Hoffman. I tell the stories of Corporate America.    I'll help you tell yours.  Click on the video below, and in three minutes I'll show you some of what I can do for you.

Here's a longer, 12 minute, version. It's a capsule of the four-part, two-hour-plus biographical conversation I did for former Stouffer and Nestle CEO Alan MacDonald:

Here's how it works:

We'll create a video presentation that tells your story in a comfortable way that invites multiple viewings. Before the interview, I'll consult with you, do research, and tailor the interview questions to suit your history, personality, accomplishments, and character. You'll be able to review the questions, and add any others that might be helpful in telling your story. I, along with a videographer using high-end equipment, will come to your home, office, or wherever you'd like. And yes, I'll be on camera with you. Not only is there more life to the video that way, but a free-flowing conversation will allow you to better share your stories.

The video will be expertly edited, and you'll be able to review it before it's finalized. We'll deliver a final version to you either online, on DVDs, or on flash drive. Then you'll be able to share your legacy anywhere, and everywhere -- on your company's website, with your family, your school, or social media. And, by the way, the DVDs are delivered in leather-bound gift cases.

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Let's Tell Your Story

Watch my video samples, listen to the podcasts. I'd love to tell your story to an audience that can profit from your experience. If you'd like to work with me as much as I'd like to work with you on your story, let's get in touch at rayhoffmanonair@icloud.com

About Me, Ray Hoffman

For four decades I’ve specialized in covering business and the financial markets from New York, including 21 years at BusinessWeek. My "CEO Radio" feature --twice recognized by the New York Press Club as best radio business report-- has aired daily since 2007 on WCBS Newsradio 880, I also do the podcast "This Is Capitalism: CEO Stories" for the Arkansas-based financial services firm, Stephens Incorporated. I try to profile corporate leaders and entrepreneurs with knowledge, color, and a sense of affinity.

Here's a sample of my wide-ranging video conversations for CEO Radio:

2/2019, former Cardinal Health CEO George Barrett:

2/2019, Arkansas business legend Charles Morgan:

9/2018, Conference Board CEO Steve Odland:
Click for my This Is Capitalism podcasts for Stephens, Inc:

Here's a favorite This Is Capitalism podcast conversation from 2017 with former Alltel CEO Scott Ford, founder of the Rwanda Trading Company:

This Is Capitalism: Scott Ford -
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The daily CEO Radio broadcasts on WCBS are at https://wcbs880.radio.com/media/podcast/ceo-radio

For your due diligence:

There's much more about Ray, and WCBS Newsradio 880's CEO Radio, at rayhoffman.com


Interviewing Northwell Health CEO Michael Dowling; at an angel investment conference with Oculogica CEO Rosina Samadani.

Photo gallery, clockwise from top:

Ray with Dr. Judith Rodin, long-time President of the Rockefeller Foundation,

Doing a CEO Video in 2016 with stockbroker, entrepreneur, and real-life model for The Pursuit of Happyness, Chris Gardner,

Frequent CEO Radio guest Dr. Christina Lampe-Onnerud, CEO of Cadenza Innovation...and her fireproof lithium battery,

One-time poiice SWAT team leader-turned-CEO William Clough,

Dr. Kevin Tracey is CEO of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research,

Hosting Seton Hall University's annual Entrepreneur Hall of Fame dinner.

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